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    Our main area of activity is buying, selling and managing forested and agricultural properties:

    We have been operating since 1994 and therefore have a lot of experience in this area. Our company has found strong and stable partners in both the forestry and agricultural sectors over the years.

    Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have real estate and want to sell it.
    However, please inform us about your asking price – being aware of vastly differing opinions about the price as early as possible can save time for both the seller and the buyer.

    We are also prepared to make flexible offers for various parts of real estate (forested and/or agricultural land), as requested by the seller in case they only want to sell a certain part of their property.  
    There are often buildings on the larger properties of landowners and they want to keep the buildings with a smaller plot of land. If this is what you would like to do, we will take care of the entire process for you – the survey and everything else that needs to be done.
    Also, our partners and us can quickly prepare a Forest Management Plan for you if necessary.
    Many privatised plots of land were acquired from the state by way of hire purchase, which is not an obstruction to purchase and sales transactions.
    The company has also bought plots of land near regions subject to conservation restrictions.

    The price of forest land is formed on the basis of the following factors – the size of the real estate, growing forest reserves per hectare, the age of the forest, the forest site type, the site quality, access to the real property, conservation and other restrictions.

    The price of agricultural land is formed on the basis of the following factors – location, size of the real property, shape, soil fertility, access, restrictions, etc. Sellers without special knowledge may find it difficult to get everything done, which is why it pays to contact our specialists for a preliminary opinion.

    If you are certain that you want to sell your land, we can give you our first feedback in two to three days after you have given us the preliminary information – cadastral reference, number of register parts, etc. Giving you a more exact price may take about a week or two, as we need to carry out an on-site valuation of the property.

    Getting to the purchase and sales transaction usually takes no more than two to three days once an agreement about the price has been reached and the owner definitely wants to sell.
    As all property purchase and sales transactions must be notarised, we have used the option of having the money paid through the notary public’s escrow account, which guarantees that the seller will receive the entire amount.
    We have some advice for sellers regarding payment – we don’t recommend accepting hire purchase, even if the offered amount is attractive.

    Our hardworking staff wish you all the best in making wise sales decisions!

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